Niko Martin
– Creator, Media Trainer, Activist

“Live now and do it in a way that we can live tomorrow.” – That's what I stand up for.

Under the label Media Production For The Good, I support you in your media projects: Strategy, conception, campaign, evaluation and implementation: classic journalistic research as well as production of content for the web including social media plus editorial work, creation of text and photographs, (info-)graphics, audios and film.

As a trainer in media education, I conceptualise and conduct hands-on media workshops for different target groups. These workshops take place in-house, digitally or at my studio in Darmstadt, Germany (near Frankfurt am Main) at the Medienbäckerei (“Media Bakery”).

In addition, I am involved with Friends of the Earth Germany (BUND Darmstadt and Hessen), among other things, in the creation of the Centre for Urban Nature.

I'm looking forward to getting in touch with you.

Live: Ground-breaking ceremony for the Centre for Urban Nature
Thu. 1 pm (CET)

Aerial view of the Centre for Urban Nature Darmstadt, Schachbrettfalter und Steinhummel an Flockenblume (Foto: Eva Distler)

Thanks to many supporters, the time has come! Tomorrow (Thu., 20.1.2022) is the official ground-breaking ceremony for the BUND (Friends of the Earth Germany) Centre for Urban Nature in Darmstadt. More info + from Thu. 1 pm (CET) Livestream

Info session for more Plug-in solar modules

Join heiner*energie

On Sunday, 12 December, at 7.30 p.m., the info session by heiner*energie will start for people who want to do something practical in Darmstadt to make the energy transition visible with lots of plug-in solar panels. Registration for the online event at In the first round of the collective order based on the Roßdorf model, we were thus able to distribute 232 PV balcony modules.

Places to burst – the photo campaign for World Soil Day

Participatory photo campaign Places to Burst by BUND and for World Soil Day 2021 (Photo: Niko Martin)

There were numerous submissions to the participatory photo campaign of the german blog on sustainable land use and BUND (Friends of the Earth Germany) for World Soil Day on 5 December 2021. The main topic should be statement photos on the topic of soil sealing. I supported the call with the above photo.

“Children are liable for their parents”
Photo exhibition

Sign Children are liable for their parents! and Sign For now and in the future! in picture frame (Photo: Niko Martin)

The online version of the exhibition can now be visited following the publication of an article in BUNDmagazin 4/2021 (Magazine for supporters of Friends of the Earth Germany).

In November 2021, the canvas prints were exhibited publicly for the first time. Further events are being planned. You are also welcome to borrow the exhibition. More information on this on the page about the exhibition.

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The project

In Germany, construction sites often have signs such as “Do not enter the construction site! Parents are liable for their children!” ( – „Betreten der Baustelle verboten! Eltern haften für ihre Kinder!“).
But isn't it rather the other way round in our lives and those of “our children” – the future generations? – They have to bear the consequences of the (non-)actions of their predecessors­generations.

In the project, places that threaten our future were and are marked for a moment with a sign “Children are liable for their parents” „Kinder haften für ihre Eltern!“ and captured for longer.

More important for our lives are positive images of the future and active sustainable action. Accordingly, places, projects, committed people “for now and in the future!” („Für jetzt und in Zukunft!“) are portrayed who are sustainable and fit for the future or who are committed to and act for it.

The project is funded by the Hessische Kulturstiftung (Hessian Cultural Foundation). Thank you very much! The Hessische Kulturstiftung is not responsible for the content.

Slides from the online seminar Solar Power from the Balcony in Darmstadt

Online seminar: Solar power from the balcony in Darmstadt

Over 100 people dialled into the online event and many questions could be answered together. The slides from the online seminar (in german) have been available for download for some time.

At the webinar, there was almost all the information about balcony solar and the new Darmstadt subsidy programme: The Darmstadt initiative heiner*energie provided information about so-called balcony solar systems at the end of July 2021 and gave tips for installation on the balcony, terrace or garage roof. Thanks to a forthcoming municipal subsidy programme, self-produced solar power will become even more attractive in Darmstadt.

The event was supported by Klimaentscheid Darmstadt, BUND Darmstadt and Parents4Future Darmstadt and moderated by me.


Send an email or give me a call: Niko Martin,, Phone 06151 9 50 65 67.